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Glide Threads in Australia

Just one more week to get your threads from Busy Quilting

The Shelves are packed
The boxes are stacked

Last day for orders of Glide Thread and HabandDash products from Busy Quilting will be Thursday 28th April

MAKE It Quilted has purchased the Thread Side of Busy Quilting business.

APQS Spare parts and machines will still be available from Busy Quilting, as will longarm machine quilting services when we are not travelling.

Thankyou to all our customers over the last ten years of Glide Thread trading in Australia.

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Circling Sevenstar

Circling Sevenstar

This is my seventh Feathered Star Quilt and has very proudly just been named Best of Show in the Queensland Quilters Inc 2021 Show. In addition it also received the award for Best Professional Machine Quilting. Proud and excited is an understatement.

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Shadow Quilting

Afternoon Shadows on Circling Sevenstar

I am fortunate to have a room that receives late afternoon sunlight through the windows. They do however make unusual colours of quilts. The back of this quilt is White Magna Glide Classics 1900+ metre of it.

When you take it off the frame and find you have missed a bit

There are those shadows playing colours again. 9 different colours of Glide #40 and two of Glide 60wt used for the quilting.

Real backing colour this time

I have Daylight lighting in my studio, plus 3 metres of windows on a northern wall. When you use your longarm table to sew on a hanging sleeve and for 3 random designs on the back the sleeve matched the facing.

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Birdsville Big Red Bash Music Festival

The First Music Festival Worldwide since Covid started.

Almost 10000 socially distancing at campsites and in the concert area. With Covid testing facilities available over 600kms from the nearest hospital!
The first Sanddune of the Simpson Desert 40m high and the only way to get phone service was to climb to the top.
Tracks in the sand.
My QR (Quilting on the Road) quilt on top of Big Red – well a small part all hand pieced.

3947 Kilometres ( 2452 miles) in 18 days, many single lane sealed Development Roads, and lots of corrugated dirt or muddy roads too. It is remote Queensland almost on the border of NT and SA.

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Busy Quilting is Going Outback

The packing has started. Well my quilting is packed. Food, firewood and drinks are sorted. Clothing sorta organised.

The Quilting on the Road quilt pieces are packed, trusty Magna Classic bobbins ready, sandpaper board and my light.
There is enough fabric for twelve 14″ blocks cut and sorted here. Many I have hand dyed or overdyed, fussy cut too.

Our new camper will be ready by September so I am on a time frame to finish this before then. This trip will see me in the passenger seat for almost 50 hours, plus some night time stitching. Fingers crossed it progresses quickly.

So looking forward to some clear blue skies, open plains, sand dunes and the campfire nights. A few Country Pub meals will not go astray. The music at Big Red Bash is well worth the effort.

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Glide 60 wt Thread

Glide 60wt thread is a finer Glide Thread without as much sheen as 40 wt thread. It is still a filament polyester thread, lint-free, giving great definition to small designs and tiny fills when quilting. It is also the same thread that is on the Magna Glide Classics pre-wound bobbins. These M class bobbins hold 203m of thread. I put my partially used ones in my sewing kits as they are excellent for applique, hand piecing and EPP. The small size and the magnetic core come in handy.

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Bobbin Comparison

The shop has both Magna Glide Delight bobbin in 40 wt Glide Thread and Magna Glide Classic bobbins in 60 wt thread available.

L and M Bobbins

The M size are larger but in the Delight Jars there is a total of 1210m of thread on 10 bobbins. The L size Jar has 20 bobbins with a total of 1320m. You can use L size in your M bobbin case!

The Magna Glide Classics are available in Boxes of 72 for the colours or 100 for the Black and White.

I also break down the boxes into Budget Packs of 24 bobbins in the non neutral colours. As the Classics are a 60wt thread an M size Budget pack contains 4872m of thread. The L size Budget pack contains 2880 metres of thread.

Just a little play with numbers after restocking the shop this morning!